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Our writers:

Joshua Beck: Creator, Lead Writer

Joshua is the creator of Intelligo. He's is a writer, speaker, and member of the Don't be stupid. podcast. He's an introvert, a reader, and is a little obsessed with C. S. Lewis. He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Sam.

Sarah Dinwiddie: Contributor

Sarah works as a Content Writer for Deluxe Corporation, writing blogs and web content for small businesses. Her true love is telling stories. From a collection of nonfiction essays, to a YA fantasy series, to songwriting, she spends her spare moments churning ideas into butter. She has a B.A. in Writing from ORU and has spent a summer studying literature at the University of Oxford. Her personal site is, her poetry lives at, and she's on Instagram @dinwiddiesarah.


What We're About

Christianity is beautiful. It's a religion of hope, grace, love, and justice. It's a religion where the outcast is brought in. The loner given community. The ups and downs of our lives are given purpose. This beauty is something we believe needs to be given light. In the content and style of what we create.

Humanity is valuable. Every person is an image bearer of God. That status gives us value. We are loved by our Creator more than we could ever imagine. That love gives us worth. Because of that, our perspective will assume the value of every human person.

Questions are welcome. The search for truth can only exist in the presence of questions. Much of Christian culture has shunned the skeptic, to its detriment. But Jesus welcomed the skeptic, presenting truth in creative and humble ways. We hope to do the same.

Christianity is true. It's not just true, but total truth. As Schaeffer points out, it's truth about all of reality. This means all of our world should be filtered through the lens of Christianity.

These values are the reason for the existence of Intelligo. Intelligo is meant to give Christians a place to learn, that recognizes the value of all people, the importance of truth, and the role of work and art being an expression of the beauty of Christianity.


What You'll See on the Site



This content forms the bulk of the site. Regular old articles, but from the great writers of Intelligo. Some short, some longer, but all thought-provoking. 


Everyday Input

Every month we post an interview about someone’s everyday input. We do this because it gives us a glimpse into how these people learn and live. We discover the books they read, the websites they frequent, the podcasts they listen to, and the input they use to unwind. You just might find something to add to your queue.



We like the internet. And we want to help you find great articles, videos, books, and podcasts elsewhere. While we hope to be a frequent stop, we know we're not the only good spot on this world wide web. These links will come with brief commentary from our writers.



We at Intelligo hope to eventually become a vast network of media, helping Christians love God with their minds. Right now, it's a network of two. This site, and the Don't be stupid. podcast.