Apathy and Arrogance

There are two approaches people normally take when it comes to their knowledge of their beliefs.

Apathy and arrogance.

I've encountered many people who know a lot about the Bible, theology, apologetics, and philosophy. They are incredibly intelligent and can argue well. The problem is, they are arrogant. They consider themselves better than the people around them because they know so much.

There are others I know who just don't care to know those things. They are apathetic. They feel they can "get by" without that knowledge. Many times they disregard it because of those who are arrogant. And many times, those who are arrogant, are arrogant because of these people.

There's is a balance we must strike when it comes to believing and living intelligently. We must have an insatiable desire for knowledge. But that desire must be driven by an even greater desire for the Giver of knowledge.

When that desire increases, arrogance and apathy necessarily decrease.

Question to think about and discuss:

To be honest, I tend to lean toward the arrogance side. Where do you tend to lean?

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