Bibles I Like

Bibles I Like

In the past, I had a really hard time reading the Bible very often. And to be honest, I still do from time to time. But there are a few ways to read it that have made it much easier for me. They make me enjoy it just a little bit more.

One way is reading it from the Fire Bible. I got this Bible several years ago, and I still use it fairly often. Part of the reason is that it has some good study notes. But I also just like the way it's made.

The study notes are always encouraging, and help me to understand the text a little better. I don't always agree with them, but that's a disclaimer I would have to put on any study Bible.


When it comes to physical Bibles, a couple others I really like are the ESV Study Bible and The C.S. Lewis Bible.


The ESV Bible has some really good study notes, as well as quite a few good articles. This one is much more scholarly than the Fire Bible. I would consider the Fire Bible a more devotional study Bible, and the ESV is more theological.

I also just like the ESV translation. It gives me a nice new perspective. One that follows more of a word for word translation style, while still keeping it readable.

And as far as The C. S. Lewis Bible goes, who wouldn't love some C.S. Lewis quotes pertaining to the passage of Scripture you're reading? I mean, seriously — who wouldn't want that?


When I'm not reading a physical Bible (which is most of the time), I really like the YouVersion Bible app on my iPhone and iPad, and the YouVersion Bible website on my computer. The design of them is great. They are nice and simple, and have a good looking UI, which is important to me. I don't want what I'm reading to look bad. It's distracting.

It also syncs all of your highlights and notes between your devices, which is super handy. And it has Bible reading plans you can use.

It also has the audio versions of many of its translations. So I'll often listen to my reading for the day, rather than reading it.

I really appreciate the technology the YouVersion creators are making. I appreciate the fact that they've put in the effort to create good looking and well made apps. Too often, the stuff created for the Christian market looks terrible. And bible apps in particular are often really bad. So when I come across something like this, it really makes me happy. And it makes me want to use it more and more.


And on that note, I am super excited for this to come out. It's called Bibliotheca and it's a great example of someone rethinking how something should be done, and putting in the effort to create something beautiful.

Many of the problems I have with reading the Bible are addressed in this creation.

It cuts out all of the chapters and verses, which are distracting. The typography makes it just a little bit more readable, and nicer to look at. The materials used make it a joy to use. And it's something cool and new, which will give anyone who gets it a new desire to read the Bible.


So I want to encourage you to take a cue from the people who created these things. Represent Christianity well. Make beautiful things. Help people encounter Jesus in a way they would enjoy. Take away the barriers so they can get just a little closer to seeing and experiencing Christ.

I’m curious, what are your favorite Bibles?

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