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Truth, Beauty, and C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis believed that within five years after his death he would be forgotten...  

Well, he was wrong about something, I guess.  

Other than that, he got most things right. He was a brilliant thinker, a masterful writer, and a humble apologist.

The question is, what made C.S. Lewis so great?

As Americans, we're often way too busy, and we know it. But we also constantly strive to get more done. 

The desire to do more is based on our desire to live a meaningful life. And that’s a noble desire. The problem is that we live our lives doing lots and lots of things, but never really accomplishing something meaningful. We lead busy lives, but not effective ones...

I do a lot of the interviews and hiring for our office. One of the questions that I ask our prospective employees is what they think their weakest characteristic is.

Before that, I always ask what their strongest characteristic is. They never really have a problem answering the strong one, but they never seem to be able to answer the weak one.

I'm not really sure how to interpret this. But I was talking to my wife Sam and one of her friends about it over pancakes the other day.

I've done somewhat of an about-face in my views on the power of positive thinking. I used to think the idea of positive thinking (or constant optimism) was a little crazy. I thought optimism, at its core, was lying to yourself. I avoided the positive thinking crowd. Part of the reason was that they promised things that I knew couldn't happen.