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A marker of intelligence is the ability to encounter a new idea without rejecting it for its mere difference from your own opinion, but also not accepting it just because it "sounds" right. The intelligent examine new ideas, accepting or rejecting them only after considering them.  

Why should Christians read?

When I got married, I discovered that I really didn't know myself as much as I thought. By living a life in direct and constant contact with another human being *very* different from myself, my quirks and tendencies rose to the forefront. Marriage forced me to see the world from a wholly different persons eyes. Reading does the same thing.

Worship in the Church

John Newton was a sailor and later a pastor. He died in 1807. He is the writer of the hymn Amazing Grace

A few weeks ago I was at a church service where I heard another hymn of his. The title is I Asked the Lord that I Might Grow