Control Freak

Control freak is a title we often use. I would even apply it to myself. I don't like not being in control.

The thing is, that last statement is not a universal thing. It's not that I dislike not having control, but that I'm often less trusting of the people who have it — often because I think I could do whatever it is better than they can.

Not having control is only a problem if you don't trust the person who does.

And when it comes to life in general, I often feel like I don't have control, which frustrates me.

But even though I may not be in control, there is always someone who is. This means that if I begin to worry, it's not because I'm not in control, but because I don't trust the one who is.

Worry is a lack of trust — but God is completely trustworthy. It just takes a little reminder every once in a while. 

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