Diversity at Starbucks and the Church

My wife and I noticed something about Starbucks a while back that amazed us. We were sitting in a Starbucks, drinking our coffee, looking around, and saw something that blew us away. We looked by the counter and saw a guy wearing an abundance of black and had multiple pearcings. Then we looked to one corner of the building and saw a group of college students studying. We looked to another corner and saw an old couple. We looked to another spot and saw two business people talking and working on their computers. And at another table there was a small family.

The diversity of Starbucks amazes me. They've created a culture that makes every single kind of person feel welcome. Almost everyone likes Starbucks. And every Starbucks that I've ever been to has been the same way.

Why aren't churches the same way. We all know that diversity is important, and we want it, but for some reason, churches typically aren't very diverse. Of course, there are exceptions, but it seems that a majority struggle with diversity and creating an atmospheres that welcomes everyone.

We need to find a way to create diversity in a unified church. This is something that I believe is actually part of God's nature and therefore, something that I think He really wants. What do I mean? Well, God is three in one. Three persons in one God. He is the perfect example of unity in diversity.

Our churches need to be the same way. Of course, there will be instances in some communities where this is not possible. Some communities are not very diverse, which means the churches in them will necessarily not be diverse. But most are not this way.

To be honest, when I started it, this post was intended to be a post on how to create an atmosphere of diversity like Starbucks. But I really don't know how they do it. I haven't figured it out.

(Although, I think one hint is the fact that they are intentional about it. They even have a page on their website devoted to it.)

So, until I figure it out, what do you think? How does Starbucks create an atmosphere of diversity?

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