If God Were to Take Away Evil and Suffering

Imagine if God were to take away evil and suffering. Sounds like a great prospect, right?

Well, eventually, I’d say yes. But as of now, it probably wouldn’t be a good thing. 

Evil is a symptom of our separation from God. Suffering is a result of our sinning against Him. It reminds us that the relationship is broken and needs to be put back together. 

Imagine if you had cancer, but there were no symptoms. You would continue on with your life, not knowing you had it, until eventually you died. Without symptoms a person doesn’t know they have the disease.

Suffering in this world is the symptom of the greater disease of separation from God. It shows us that we need Him.

Eventually the world will be set right. The absolutely terrible thing we call "evil" will be wiped out. Suffering will be no more. But as of now, it serves as a reminder. A reminder that we need God. We can’t do this on our own. 

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