Hearing from God

Last week on the Don't Be Stupid podcast we talked about decision making and hearing from God. We attempted to answer the question, should we wait to hear from God in order to make an important decision in our life?

The problem with that question is that it assumes hearing from God is a thing we should expect, which is an assumption we no good reason to make.

Scripture never tells us to expect to hear from God. On the contrary, it equips us to make decisions on our own.

Psalms tells us the Bible itself is the lamp unto our feet (119:105). Hebrews tells us the mature in Christ are "trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil" (5:14).

Nowhere in Scripture does it tell us to wait to hear from God. What it tells us over and over again is to gain wisdom — the ability to make good decisions and navigate life well. Wisdom comes from the word, wisdom comes from practice, wisdom comes from prayer, wisdom comes from council by those who already have wisdom.

We should not expect answers to drop down from the sky. While God can, and has, done that, he expects us to be mature enough to not require that — to use the resources he has already given us.

Like a good parent, he's not going to do the work for us. Helicopter parenting is not really his thing.

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