Hope sometimes seems a little flaky. Too often it is more of an unsure anticipation. We really want something to happen, but deep down we don't really think it will. And because of that, it leads more to anxiety than joy.

I love these two definitions that merriam-webster.com gives for "hope."

1. to desire with expectation of fulfillment

2. to expect with confidence

This is what true hope should be. We typically put our hope in things that can't give us that confidence. We put our hope in things that we can't expect fulfillment from. We put our hope in things like our jobs, money, and other people. We expect those things to give us what we need to be happy and to accomplish our dreams.

The problem is that those things have failed us before. So when we put our hope in those things again, all they really bring is anxiety. Because, deep down, we know they may fail us again. In the end, this hope turns out to be hopeless.

In Psalm 42-43 David writes about the turmoil he is going through. In these two chapters there are three sections. In each section he writes about the turmoil he is feeling and calls on God to rescue him. Then he ends each with this verse:

     Why are you cast down, O my soul?

     And why are you in turmoil within me?

     Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,

     my salvation and my God. 

David understands that it doesn't make sense for his soul to be downcast. It doesn't make sense for there to be this turmoil within him. And he understands that the answer is hope in God. He has hoped in other things too long, and they have failed him. He has hoped in other things, but returned hopeless.

Only God can bring the hope we need. He is our savior, the one who loves us, who gave his life for us. He has shown us that he truly cares... He has gone to the cross for us. No more evidence of his love is needed.

And He is our God. He is all powerful. He is the creator of the universe. All that we see was made by Him.

This means that we have a God that is not only capable of providing everything we need, but He loves us enough to do it. When you understand who God is, that He is actually all powerful and infinitely loves us, hope in Him is a natural thing. It just makes sense.

Hope in Him. Be confident in Him. Unlike anything or anyone else, we can expect fulfillment of His promises. Every single time.

I have Hope. I will praise Him.

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