How certain are you that Christianity is true?

For me, right now it’s about 70%.

I’m naturally a skeptic. So that number is pretty good.

Now, 70% means I think it’s true. It’s far past the mid point. It’s not a coin flip. I really do think Christianity is true. I think there is a ton of evidence for it.

But, just like almost everything in life. There’s no way to prove it.

Christians are often incredibly uncomfortable with doubt. But doubt is a natural part of life. 

What a person should do when it comes to any question in life, is look at the evidence as honestly and objectively as possible, and come to the conclusion they think is the most accurate. There is no way for us to know anything for certain, but that doesn't mean we should hold out belief.

When it comes to the normal questions in life we do this all the time.

If you want to know the truth of where the remote is, you look for it. You eliminate possibilities and come up with theories that may explain its location. Then, you find it. And you place your trust in the fact that this remote is actually the remote you were looking for, and that all of reality actually exists — we're not living an illusion. 

When it comes to belief in God, it's much the same way. If you want to know if he exists, look for him. In some ways, he's harder to find than the remote. In other ways, he's much more evident. But you have to look, and when you find the evidence, you believe. 

Even if there is a little uncertainty, you have to try. 

Even though we can never know everything; even though we may change our minds; even though the world is far more complex and incomprehensible than we could ever imagine; we must try to know it. 

Truth — while we'll never know it completely — we can know it. And it is still, most definitely, a worthy pursuit.

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An Open Mind

An Open Mind