How to Accomplish More.

Part of thinking Biblically is thinking bigger. Dreaming bigger. If we only try to accomplish things that we know we can do, then we'll never go as far as we were created to.

God created us to rely on him.

Imagine life is like a weight room. If all you ever go for are the weights that you know you can lift, then God will never need to help you lift them. You could always do it on your own. But if you go for something that you can't lift, then you have to have God help you. And because He is a good God, and He wants you to rely on Him, He will. He jumps in and takes the extra load. So, in the end, you accomplish more by going for something you can't do. The same is true in life.

More is lifted when you can't lift it.

Question to think about and discuss:

What are some times in your life that you have gone big and accomplished more because you relied on God?

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