Ignorance is Bliss(less)

"Ignorance is bliss." I hate that phrase. I always thought it was stupid.

Ignorance is not bliss. It may feel like bliss at times, but it's a false bliss. True bliss comes from knowing reality.

The reason ignorance feels like bliss at times is that knowing the bad things that happen in this world is not fun. No one really likes to hear about all of that. And so they feel that if they just didn't know, they would be happy. But that ignorance doesn't change anything. That ignorance doesn't fix the problems it's avoiding.

True bliss comes from knowing. Knowing the ultimate reality. Knowing Christ is going to set those things right in the end. Knowing that God is weaving an incredible story through the pain in our lives and in this world.

If we are ignorant of the pain, the story won't make sense. And not knowing the problem in the story doesn't make the story any better. It makes it hurt less at times, but you don't get the true bliss in seeing things set right in the end. Seeing the hero save the day.

Don't avoid the pain. Know the truth about the pain.

Don't be ignorant. It may feel good at times. But you're missing the story.


Question to think about and discuss:

How has God turned bad things into good in your life?


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