My Favorite Podcasts, and Why Podcasts are Awesome

My Favorite Podcasts, and Why Podcasts are Awesome

I started listening to podcasts about seven years ago. At that point, the podcast world wasn't that big. But I remember thinking it would be really cool to do one. And now, seven years later, I am.

It's a really cool thought.

After seven years, I'm still listening. I'm actually listening to them more than I was then. And the podcast world is blowing up.

They are a massively growing industry. With the rise of on-demand media, and the ability to play them easily on our smartphones, podcasts are much more popular than they were even a year and a half ago.

There are a few reasons why I love podcasts.

1. They're entertaining.
Podcasts come in many different forms. And my favorites blot the spectrum. But no matter the form, there are all kinds of entertaining people to hear from, people who are funny, or smart, or just interesting. Because of that, I find them as entertaining as TV shows and music. Often, I'll choose a podcast over anything else to take a break and be entertained.

2. They're easy to listen to.
You can listen to podcasts anywhere you are. We all take our phones pretty much anywhere we go, which means podcasts are there wherever we go. And since they're audio only, you can listen while doing other things — doing the dishes, driving, exercising, or whatever.

3. They're educational.
At least they can be... There are all kinds of podcasts out there that can help you learn something new. Some of my favorites are ones where I learn something every time I listen, while at the same time being entertained.

With that in mind, I listen to a lot of podcasts. But even though I listen to a lot...

Here are the four I would consider my favorite. (Not in any particular order.)

1. The Phil Vischer Podcast
This one is a conversation between three people, one of them being Phil Vischer (the creator of VeggieTales). They are a lot of fun to listen to, and provide great theological commentary on things that are happening right now in the world.

Where to start
Given the fact that it's a news-based show, you'll probably want to start with the latest episode. But, much of what they isn't necessarily tied solely to the events they talk about, so you can start moving back in episodes and you'll still get a lot out of them.

2. The Relevant Podcast
This one is more produced than the previous one, but is still mainly a conversation. I listen to this one mostly for the entertainment value. It's hilarious. But they also have their profound moments. And part of every episode includes an interview from with an author, a musician, etc. I've listened to this one for a while, and love every episode.

Where to start
Episode 458

3. Mystery Show
Mystery Show is the most unique out of the bunch. It comes in seasons, and is on a break right now.

But that doesn't mean you can't listen. This is one where I would go back to the beginning and listen to every episode. The host, Starlee Kine, has a quirky and fun personality, and she tells the story of the show in a very fun and interesting way. It's a blast to listen to.

Where to start
The beginning.

4. Back to Work
Back to Work is a conversation between Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. I love Merlin. He has an incredibly unique sense of humor, which makes him fun to listen to. And he's smart. He thinks about what he does, and this show in particular draws that out of him.

That's why I love it so much. It makes me think about the way I do things, and helps me to be more intentional in the way I live. Neither Merlin nor Dan are Christians. (Dan is actually a Buddhist.) So I'm not recommending it for it's theology — but it's a show I think you can really learn a lot from. I definitely do.

Where to start
You can start this one anywhere you want, but I personally think episode 213 was a good one.

5. Hello Internet
This one is a conversation between Brady Haran and CGP Grey. They originally gained fame in the YouTube world. They each make a living creating educational videos for YouTube. A couple years ago they decided to come together and do this podcast.

They talk about anything and everything. They've covered topics anywhere from plane crashes, to books, to flag design.

I love listening to them because their conversations are always fascinating. They're really smart guys and have an entertaining dynamic, given their vastly different personalities.

Where to start
Episode 47 would probably be a good one to start with.

If you haven't started already, you should listen to some podcasts. They're a great way to learn, be entertained, and pass some time. Feel free to start with the five I recommended. Or, you can try ours.

Speaking of ours, we talked about our favorite podcasts on the last episode. So, in addition to me, you'll be able to hear from Ben and Sam about their favorite podcasts. It was a fun episode.

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