I'm Not a Person of Faith

I'm Not a Person of Faith

On Thursday we released a pretty cool episode of the podcast. It was an interview with Brandon McGuire, the creator of a documentary called Mining for God. The interview was a ton of fun, he’s a pretty cool guy and he had a lot of good stuff to say. (You can listen to it here.)

During the interview, he made an observation I wanted to comment on here. 

In the beginning of the film, he shows clips of interviews he did with people on the street, asking them about Christianity. One of the things he said he noticed was that people often placed value in faith itself — like having faith was the most important thing.

He would encounter people who were a little uncertain about their theology, but would emphatically say they were a “person of faith.”

It’s a phrase our culture has adopted to signal that we’re part of the club. 

"Yep, I have faith. I’m in. You can’t judge me now."

Even as Christians, we talk about faith like it’s this beautiful, wonderful, powerful thing. But faith has no power if it’s not placed in something of value. The value of a persons faith is dependent on that which they place their faith in. Faith in God means nothing if God doesn’t exist. 

As a Christian, I’m not a person of faith. That phrase is nearly meaningless.

As a Christian, I’m a person of Christ. I place my faith in him, not in faith itself. 

So next time someone says they’re a person of faith, your next question should be — “Faith in what?"



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