Raindrops and the Resurrection

I learned an interesting fact the other day. Apparently only 1.6 x 1029 raindrops (that's 16 with 28 zeros) have fallen to the ground since the earth began.

(To put that in perspective, there are an estimated 7.5 x 1018 grains of sand on the earth. So raindrops win. By a lot.)

The reason I say "only" is because there is another statistic that is even greater.

A college professor of mathematics and science, Dr. Peter Stoner, wanted to determine what the odds were that any human being could fulfill the messianic prophecies. So he had his students come up with very conservative estimates of the likelihood of any human being fulfilling them. They determined that the odds of any human being fulfilling 48 of these ancient prophecies would be one chance in 1 x 10156. That's 156 zeros. That's a lot.

This means that if you assigned a number to every raindrop that has ever fallen on the earth you would have a way better chance of guessing one of those numbers than Jesus would have of just happening to fulfill the 48 prophecies.

Also, it's not like those prophecies could have been written after the fact. The Old Testament is known to have been translated into Greek at least 200 years before Jesus even came. So the Old Testament had to have been completed at least by that point.

This is definitely a significant clue to the truth of the resurrection.

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