Rest and Work

In being productive, busy is not the goal. The goal is making the most of every opportunity - of our time. (Ephesians 5:15-16) Sometimes making the most of every opportunity means less work and more rest.

Without rest, work is unproductive. Without work, rest is meaningless. We need both. 

In our lives, we need to have periods of rest, and periods of work. God commanded a full day of rest every week. It was meant to make us slow down, to realize what our lives were really about, and to give us more energy to do the work that God gave us. While work is important - essential even - it is not ultimate.

What's most important is giving God glory. And we don't bring God glory when our lives are filled with mindless activity. We don't bring God glory when we are too exhausted to spend time with our families, or with Him.

So here are a couple ways I have found to rest:

1) Wake up early: I know this sounds a little backwards. But I've found that when I wake up early, before the rest of the world around me has, and just think on my life and what God wants from me, it's incredibly resting. It gives me a ton of energy for the day, even though I've missed a little sleep.

2) Eliminate mindless phone checking: I've deleted my Facebook and Twitter apps, and turned off emails going to my phone. Normally, every couple minute break I had, I would mindlessly go to my phone and check email, Facebook, or Twitter. Now, I rest. I just take the moment to pray or think. I've actually had some great ideas come from those times. And it frees me from the overwhelming feeling of busyness in my day.

I'm sure there are plenty more I could include, but these two have given me the most rest. And ultimately, have made me more productive.

It's an interesting paradox. The more intentional we are about resting, the more meaningful work we accomplish.

Question to think about and discuss:

What are some other ways you have found to rest?

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