The Person the Church Often Ignores

Imagine you are this person:

You’re uncomfortable with large crowds and loud music. Physical contact with people you aren’t in a relationship with makes you feel awkward. Small talk makes you cringe. You prefer small groups and deep conversation. You like silence and introspection.

Are you imagining being that person? Have you got that image?

Don’t move on until you do...


Now, imagine going to church. How do you feel?...


Not awesome.

We often don’t realize it, but church isn’t really introvert friendly.

We often talk about diversity. But one kind of person we often exclude without realizing is the introvert.

Studies show that about one-third of America is introverted. And the church right now is not a safe place for them

This is a problem. It’s a major problem.

The way we do church in America is inherently flawed. From the start, it excludes introverts. The constant greeting and shaking hands and loud music and small talk are brutal for introverts to go through.

I'm not saying that every single church in America is like this, but the general trend is definitely in that direction. And it needs to change.

We need more thoughtful discussion. We need more silence. We need a more well rounded experience.


Because Christianity can’t afford to lose the introvert. 

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