Thinking in Clichés

Originality of thought is a dying art. Humanity has devolved into thinking in clichés.

Repeating the same worn phrase is, initially, tiresome to the hearer; after that, it's meaningless — it carries no more weight. People respond to things that surprise them, or make them think. They don't respond to things they've heard 93 times already.

For the Christian, we serve a creative God, and we believe in an utterly unique Gospel, but we've somehow made the Gospel boring. We've somehow, through our clichéd presentations, caused the Gospel itself to seem meaningless.

It's our job, first, to really understand it. Then, find ways to present it that surprise the hearer, helping them to encounter it in a fresh way.

(i.e. Don't tell a person to ask Jesus into their heart. That phrase has lost its meaning. It just sounds weird and causes confusion.)

So when posting to Facebook, giving a speech, explaining an idea, or sharing the Gospel, do your best to avoid clichés. They, by definition, have lost their meaning. The phrases are no longer useful, so stop using them.

In short:


If God Were to Take Away Evil and Suffering

Learning from Fiction... (Alternate title: I Finally Read Harry Potter)

Learning from Fiction... (Alternate title: I Finally Read Harry Potter)