You Are Probably Wrong

Part of being an intelligent person is the ability to realize your perspective is not total reality.

This Earth we live on is home to 10-14 million different species, including over 7.3 billion humans. It's a giant sphere with a circumference of 25,000 miles. With all of this space, and all of those people, there is no way your perspective is going to be complete. You will almost never have all of the facts.

A common mistake people make in reasoning is to assume your experience is the only experience possible. We often have a bad experience with a product, or a company's customer service, and assume it's just always that way. But oftentimes, we are one in thousands, meaning our experience simply cannot be the judge. It's less than 0.1%. You can't base a claim on a 0.1% experience.

For the Christian, we should assume we are probably wrong a lot of the time, or at least not completely right. The Christian worldview says humans are fallen, prone to error, and inherently selfish. When thinking through an idea we must take into account these tendencies.

The cure is, first, to consult God's word. God is the only one with a complete perspective. Second, we should consult others as often as possible. Consulting other views gives us the perspective we need to come to a more accurate conclusion. By warding off our selfish tendencies, we can come to understand reality better.

So don't be afraid to listen to seek out other points of view, you can learn a lot. Your view is just a piece of a giant puzzle, and often that piece you see turns out to be something completely different when seen in the context of the whole.

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