Episode 01: Intelligent Faith and Superhero Movies

Episode 01: Intelligent Faith and Superhero Movies

That's right. This is episode one of The Don't Be Stupid Podcast.

I've been wanting to do a podcast for a really long time. I love the medium and have been listening to podcasts for a few years now. So I talked to a couple friends of mine, and we decided to do one together.

You can click this link to find out more about what the podcast is and who is involved. 

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Please take a listen, and I hope you enjoy.


Question of the Week

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Why is important to have an intelligent faith?


Links to things mentioned:

Del Tackett and The Truth Project

Steve Jobs Biography

LOLCat Bible

Audible.com - If you're not someone who likes to read, or just prefer listening, this is a great place to get audio books. It's owned by Amazon. 


What's Happenin'

Superhero movies are on the rise. We discuss why we think this is happening.

We also talk about what we think our love of the superhuman says about us.


Links to things mentioned:

Adam West Batman

Christian Bale in Exodus Movie

Proof that Josh and Sam are right about punching Superman



Sam: The Relevant Podcast

Brian: Kings Kaleidoscope

Ben: Stand to Reason

Josh: Mere Christianity


Song clip played at the end of the episode is Felix Culpa by Kings Kaleidoscope


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